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Over the past year I've had the chance to shoot some pretty interesting people, which has been great. The only problem is that 99% of the time, the folks I need to take pictures of hate being in front of the camera, and just can't wait for the whole thing to be done so they can get away from me. I hate to be in front of the camera too (that's why I'm always behind one!), so I don't take it too personally.

An example of this was the day I needed to get a headshot of Judy Sharpe. The shot was for the Influential Women of Northern Ontario Awards.  Judy was the Public Sector Award Winner, and was being featured in their magazine and website.

Judy is obviously a very busy woman, so the shoot would have to take place at One Kids Place, where she works as Executive Director. This was fine because the natural light there is great. I knew she was less than excited about having her picture taken, so I figured I'd keep things simple to make sure it would be nice and quick. All I brought with me was a large reflector, placed to get just the right lighting I wanted on her face, and off we went.

Even though Judy wasn't excited about being in front of the lens, she was really nice about the whole thing, and I didn't keep her long just to make sure she wouldn't get too uncomfortable.  Fortunately, she wasn't rushing me at all, and once I got the shot I needed, I even took a few seconds to get a photo with the old Yashica-A medium format film camera I had just received as a gift a few days earlier.

Below is the final shot that was used, how it looked in the magazine, and a look at the shot I took with the Yashica...

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  1. Nice to have your little tales back on the Internet. Let's shoot something this month! This morning would have been awesome - incredible lighting...


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