The Forgotten Lego

This holiday season had me putting a lot of lego sets together, and making a little town for Tristan to play with.

We still have a little bin of my old blocks from when I was a kid, so I figured I'd use them to build some houses to match the new one Tristan got for christmas. My old legos have so much wear on them that the buildings I made look like they belong in the bad part of town.

Of course when we play with the legos (or do anything else really), I can't help myself, I have to at least take a few pictures with my phone. Here are a few I've taken over the last few weeks, and one older picture I took a few years back of a forgotten lego.

I was walking in an alleyway when I noticed this old, broken lego popping out of the dirt. It made me wonder how long it had been buried there in the sand, and what kind of creations it might have been a part of once upon a time. Nobody would have cared about, or even noticed one single block going missing I guess, but there was just something about this lone lego that seemed kind of sad.

Here's the forgotten lego, and a few other silly pictures...

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