Welcome to my shower!

So I got a call this week, and was asked if I'd be interested in taking pictures of a few girls in the shower. My mind started going right away, but not at all how you might think.

I started running through the scenario and trying to figure out exactly how I'd get the shots needed without getting my camera and my lights wet. I also didn't really think people would want to go into someone else's house, especially someone else's shower to pose for a few shots. So I tried to think of a few options for setting up the scene outside somehow. This would have been good for many reasons. The natural light would have been nice, I wouldn't have had to worry about any mess, and I would have had enough room to shoot from far enough away to not get my camera soaked.

In the end, it just didn't make any sense (or work with the timeline and budget) to assemble a faux shower. So the next obvious choice was our upstairs bathroom. We have a huge skylight, so the natural light would help, and there would be enough room for me to jam a few artificial light in there and still be able to move around somewhat comfortably.

I figured everything would work out fine, but just to make sure, I wanted to have a test run with someone else first. This way I could work out any issues that might come up and see what problems we might run into, before the actual models come over. Friday was the trial day, and Scott (probably the most cartoony and animated person I know) came over, jumped in my shower, and we got down to business.

I originally had only one light set up, a reflector which I didn't end up using, and a lot of sun coming in from the skylight. Then the clouds started rolling in and the constantly changing daylight became a problem. I decided to not rely on it at all, set up a second light and all was good!

Everything worked out great, and I'm looking forward to the official shoot later this week. I'll talk more about this, and what it's for some other time. Until then, here are a few pictures from Friday...

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  1. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Great Pics of Scott, Pat. Phenomenal.
    See you soon. Jake


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