Helicopters Canada Video - North Bay Videography

I have posted far less than I would have liked over the past few months, and there are quite a few things I've been meaning to talk about which I'll need to catch up on soon.  The main reason I've been so tied up is the time I've spent working on a corporate video for Helicopters Canada. I talked a bit about this in one of my past posts entitled "I Can Fly!"

Helicopters Canada is a flight training and charter company located here in North Bay Ontario. They've been a client of mine for a few years now, so it was great to get the chance to shoot this video for them. Of course there were some obstacles to overcome (shy people, scheduling, rainy days, etc...), but in the end everything came together just fine.

I've spent far too much time on this to want to talk about it anymore... What more could I say anyway? Just get comfortable and watch the video! It's pretty small in this window, so you might want to kick it into full screen HD mode.

Come back soon to hear about a new and exciting project I have in mind, as well as a bunch of other things I've been meaning to babble on about.

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