Wedding Cake... Times Two

Last week was a bit overloaded, and I'm so glad it's behind us. There was all kinds of the regular craziness and running around, but that wasn't really the problem. I had a huge editing job to wrap up, Thursday was Nicole's birthday, and on Saturday, we needed to have two wedding cakes done.

Our original plan was to start working on elements of the cakes a few weeks ahead of time. We wanted to have the flowers and other decorative pieces done so that when the weekend came around, we would just need to assemble everything. Of course, things never go as planned. Time flew by and the next thing we knew we only had a few days to go and nothing was done.

We've worked with fondant quite a bit in the past, which you can see in our other cakes, but this time we thought we'd use gum paste to make the flowers, leaves, branches etc... It's supposed to dry very quickly, and become hard as a rock, so it seemed like a good idea. It worked out fine for the tiny flowers, but when it came to the big lilies, that was a different story. The flowers just wouldn't harden fast enough, and when we tried to attach them to the cake with royal icing, a lot of them lost petals and just crumbled in our hands.

After a week of too many sleepless nights, having the main element of a cake fall apart at the last minute was a bit scary, and very discouraging. Fortunately, I had made way more lilies than we needed, so even with the issues we had, there were still enough flowers to get the job done, and everything worked out just fine. After a few stressful deliveries on some of the most bumpy streets in all of Ontario, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Have a look at the end result...

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