Nasty Dirty Rotting

Chaos over (for now)... time to get back to regular blog posts. 

I made a quick trip to Sudbury a few days ago and it reminded me that I'd like to spend a day there sometime just wandering and taking pictures. I'm a big fan of dilapidated buildings, and Sudbury has no shortage of them! Well, to be fair I'm sure North Bay has plenty of them too, but I'm always here, so I guess I don't really look around and notice things as much as I do in a different city. 

The last time I had gone to Sudbury was at the beginning of May for the Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards. We drove by so many interesting looking places and people that weekend, I just wanted to stop and whip out the camera. Didn't have any time for that unfortunately. 

Eventually I'll get over there just to take pictures of any nasty, dirty, rotting stuff I can find. Until then, here are a few shots I took there a while back when I was driving around exploring the city a bit...

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