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This weekend, I went to the Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards, and had an awesome time (and not only because I walked away from it with an award)! I haven't posted anything here for quite a while, and I figured I'd have time to put a few things together throughout the weekend, but I was just too distracted.

I got to Sudbury Friday evening, just in time to check in and be taken to the theatre to introduce our film at the screening. I was a little nervous about that because The Lake was first on the list. I was hoping to see what a few of the other people would say about their work, so I'd know how long I should talk. hah. Anyway, it went well and it was nice to see our work on the big screen, and to hear the reactions in the audience. Once we had seen all the nominated films, it was off to the musical showcase at the Townhouse. The sets were great, and I was really impressed, especially with Sarah Craig and Faye Blais.

Saturday was a day to go to a few panels, and do some networking at the hotel, and that went pretty well. The whole weekend was really well organized, and so was the main event at Laurentian University, hosted by Montreal musician Tricia Foster (She did a great job). Over the few days of the conference, it was strange to talk to people in the industry who knew about us and respected our work, and things got even more strange when the winner for Best Cinematography was announced.

I got up to accept the award, and because I was in a little bit in shock, I didn't even notice that the house band was playing the music from The Lake. Once I made my way up I clumsily babbled a bit, then thanked Michael Humble and Kevin Hoffman for their writing and editing, and off I went.

Wait a minute, that's not good... I really didn't expect to win, but one thing I did know was that if I did make it up on that stage, I wanted to thank nicole for putting up with me spending time working on these silly projects. Did I do that? Not at all. I got up there, looked out at the rather large crowd and completely choked. hah. I'm pretty sure I was coherent and even got a laugh out of the audience which is great, but I didn't get out a single word I had wanted to say. Next time!

Here are a few quick shots of the award, and some souvenirs of the event...

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