What a Douche!

I always get a kick out of people who take themselves too seriously. People who feel the need to uphold a certain image of themselves, people who claim to be experts at things they know little about, people who think others are priviledged to be around them or to hear them speak. People who refuse to reveal any part of their real personality to people they deem to be beneath them.

It's really a little odd how important some people think they are. I couldn't really describe that type of person very well, until I was talking to someone and they said something like "What a douche!".  That was perfect.

I just hope I never become one of those people. 

I'm not too worried about it though, really. I'm  pretty sure my geekiness will always keep me from thinking "I'm the man! Give it up for me!". To reinforce that, I'm posting a few pics I took with my phone this weekend. I was doing dishes and decided to make faces in the soap. Yep, I was acting like a toddler. Not geeky enough? well, I took pictures of it and I'm posting them, how about that? Oh, and to make it worse, it wasn't enough that I was taking pictures of my little bubbles, I actually spent some time getting them just right and angling the camera oh so perfectly so that the light reflecting off the water would add to the emotion in the faces. Have a look!

Oh, and if you happened to miss some of my earlier displays of geekiness, you can catch a few of them here, and here. Enjoy!

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