Helloooo Dolly! - North Bay Cinematography

I've been working on a promotional video for the past week or so (when the weather has cooperated), and now that it's almost done, I'm looking forward to shooting our next short film. Mike's been kicking around a few scripts, but I'm not sure which one we'll be shooting next. Either way, I'm getting the itch to start.

In preparation for our upcoming production(s), I've picked up some gear that will come in handy. The camera was obviously number one, followed by the Zoom H4N for audio, bigger memory cards and a bigger hard drive, etc... It never ends. My latest addition is a dolly which I put together using roller blade wheels, a sheet of MDF, and a few PVC pipes. Good Times!

There's still plenty of gear I want to get, and will eventually need, but this will have to do for a while, A loooong while. It's a good thing this stuff is for work and it pays for itself eventually (sometimes more quickly than others), the fact that it will also help out with our personal projects is just a bonus!

Have a look at a short clip I put together, testing how smoothly I could roll around with the dolly. I still need to practice with it a bit to get a more consistent speed, but overall, it worked out great. Check it out!

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