Toys, Toys, Toys!

Well, this has been a stupid week. Long days, and even longer nights, but I think everything's under control now. I don't know what has made things goofier than usual lately, because I'm always busy (aren't we all), but for some reason this past week I haven't had time to post anything to the blog, I've barely touched Twitter, and I've gone on facebook once for what seemed like 5 seconds. 

I haven't even taken a single photograph in 6 days!! Now that's unheard of!

Now, my mind is on new toys. A new toy I haven't had the chance to play with yet, and another new toy I might be getting soon.  I'll post all about that real soon but in the meantime, here are some old toys from when I was a kid.   

After I posted something about my GI Joe dude last week, I remembered taking out my old Micro Machines town and playing with the kids not too long ago. So, I decided to scan through my pictures to see if I had any decent shots of that. Here are a few of them...

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