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Yes, we have a few new additions to the family! Well, the camera family anyway. I mentioned something a few weeks ago about a new toy I had just been given, and yet another toy I was hoping to get. Well, a few weeks have passed and I've finally had a chance to play with both of them.

The first toy is one I got for my birthday from Derf Rellim, a sweet Yashica-A medium format camera. He bought it about 50 years ago when he was starting out as a photographer, and now it has been handed down to yours truly. A great addition to the camera family, and I'm sure it'll occupy a lot of my time.

The second toy is really more of a workhorse, the Canon 7D. I've been looking to get more involved in video work for a while now (and wanting to have a good camera to shoot our short film projects), but the cost of a good quality HD camera was something I just couldn't justify. All of a sudden, Canon and Nikon came our with SLRs that could also shoot video. WOW! The quality and manual options weren't quite up to par with those early models though, so they weren't a practical option for professional video work. Along comes the 7D, with full HD video capability, and all the manual options you could want. Did I mention it's also a 18MP SLR? I couldn't resist any longer. SOLD!

I was going to post some pics of my new additions, but instead I figured I'd post a short little video of the Yashica, shot with the 7D. HAVE A LOOK!!

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  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Nice work Patrick, but who is this Derf Rellim dude you talk about - LOL
    Now you can go to bed...


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