I'm such a geek.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has known me for more than five minutes, but I have to say I'm a pretty big geek. Sure, I always leaned towards the athletic side (played basketball for hours everyday during my teen years), and it makes me grumpy that I haven't had , or made the time to play any sports in ages. but aside from that, I'm 100% geek, and I always have been.

There are two things that make this very clear to me... Well there are way more than two, but I'll just mention two right now.

1) When I was younger, I had a pretty big crush on Seven of Nine.  Now, if you have to ask what that means, you're lucky, it means you're not a geek. If you don't have to ask, it's because you were either a young geek like me at the time, or you were a creepy 40 year old dude living in your mom's basement.

2) I watched The Young & The Restless pretty much every day from the time I was a little kid, until I was about 18 years old. Ya. really. My favorite character was Victor Newman, the powerful and feared businessman surrounded by all kinds of exciting drama. 

Why am I writing about this extreme level of geekiness? Well, I figure if you've been nice enough to follow this blog and read the nonsense I put out into the world, you deserve a good laugh. 

As a display of my complete geekdom, here's a little doodle of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) I did when I was 14 or so. I don't know why high school was so rough on me. hahah. I'll post some more of my old sketches sometime soon. I went through them last night and found some pretty silly stuff I had forgotten about. 

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  1. Ha Patrick, as you know he is also my favourite character on Y&R, (a fan for years)I didn't know u were a follower. It has changed so much, that I have lost quite a bit of loyality. I guess over the years its hard to keep the theme, but Victor has always been the same.


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