Easter Weekend... a success?

This weekend, like most people, we went here and there and had a variety of easter visits, and meals (far too many meals). We got together with some family I haven't seen in quite a while, the kids got some goodies and little toys that they loved, they had fun dyeing and eating hard boiled eggs, I took some decent pictures and wore bunny ears, etc...

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. Almost good enough to make me forget that my car is still dead on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, 130 kms away. It died on the way to a family get together on Saturday afternoon, and nobody around there would even consider towing until some time tomorrow. So, I wait. Luckily my aunt and uncle were nice enough to sacrifice their car so that I'd have something to drive around until things get sorted. If it wasn't for everyone's help, things could have been a lot more painful and even more expensive than they already will be.

Ah well, enough of that. Here are a few shots of egg decorating/devouring.
I'm hungry now.

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