What a Croc!

Well, I guess it's actually an alligator, if that matters.  When a few schools were merged to form Alliance Public School at the beginning of this year, I was asked if I'd be interested in designing a logo for the new alligators.  I thought it would be kind of cool, since my kids are students there, so I went ahead and put something together. Now, after we were asked to put together a cake for the 100th day of kindergarten, the obvious choice was to create another alligator, and throw him on a big '100'.  The original idea was to have a hundred dots on the cake too, but we just made them too big, and couldn't really fit all of them on there. oops. 

With every cake we make, we start with a sketch, then get to creating... I usually hate the cake half way through, and feel like things are not looking as good as I'd like. Without a doubt there are a few struggles here and there, and then by the end, we're always quite happy with the outcome. This was no exception. Here's the logo, the rough cake sketch, and some pictures of the end result.


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Very Cool Pat! (and all) think u may have had help. As a proud parent of Alliance students I thank you its a great Croc! :) We need to get caught up one of these days! Marn

  2. Hah thanks, it turned out ok, but there were a few moments there when the alligator wasn't cooperating and it could have gone bad real quick. Sometimes these cakes are a good exercise in anger management!


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