They're All Gonna Laugh at You!

Some days, things just go so crappy that I need to spend a few seconds doing something goofy to try to get out of the funk. Today was one of those days.

I hurt my finger, banged my head a few times (once on a doorframe in the house...ya), dropped my keys in the mud, lost a pen on the snow, had strangers actually point and laugh at me (I'm not kidding at all), and had snow thrown at me from people on a ski lift while I tried to take pictures (again, not kidding one bit, seriously).

All this added up to the complete failure of the task I needed to accomplish, and I was feeling pretty defeated by it all. I usually have no problem bouncing back from challenges and setbacks, but today I just couldn't shake it.

Eventually, I was cleaning the kitchen and Lily helped me empty the dishwasher. She was pretty cute, and really helped with my mood. After that, all I needed was to do one little silly thing to get back to my normal goofy self. Here it is...

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