Mario Land Was a Success!!

Tristan's birthday just passed, and his request was a Super Mario cake. His thoughts for what/who he wanted on there changed pretty much daily, so we just had to wing it and hope he wouldn't be disappointed. 

Our original plan was to have a 3 tiered cake, with the top tier being the castle.  Once the baking was done, it became clear that our plan wouldn't work. The cakes just had an odd shape to them, and to cut away enough of them to make it work wouldn't have left us with much to feed our guests. So it was on to plan B, I came up with another idea, which I sketched out, and we were good to go again! We actually ran into a whole bunch of other issues with this one, eventually it worked out.

By the time we started creating the Mario masterpiece, it was quite late (always is), and I was already running out of gas. A few hours in, I just couldn't keep my eyes open, so I had to tap out. I slept for a few hours while Nicole worked on the cake, then shortly after I got up, she headed off to sleep while I continued decorating.

I was hoping to have the cake done before Tristan woke up in the morning, but that didn't work out. He got up, opened presents, then I got back to the cake for a bit to wrap things up. I really didn't feel like it anymore, but what a boring cake it would have been without Mario and Bowser Junior on top.

In the end, it was a success, Tristan really liked it, and he especially enjoyed playing with the characters and the bridge while everyone else ate cake. Watching him have fun with that made the whole night worth it. 

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