I've stocked up!

I finally got around to bringing a roll of film from my holga to get developped. It's been a while since I took that camera out to play around, and I can't really remember what pictures will be on that film. I'm anxious to see the prints, and that's part of the fun of using an old school camera every now and then.

There's only one place left in town where I can get this medium format film developped, and where I can buy new rolls. Having said that, their supply is running quite low, so before long I'll have to order online. The plus side of buying the film in town is that because everyone has been digital for years, the rolls are not in demand and have expired in 2005 or so, which means I get them for next to nothing, and the film works just fine.

So, with a handful of rolls in hand, I'm stocked up and ready to play around for a little while. I'll be posting some new Holga pics soon!

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