Fun With Lights!

Once again I've become a bit of a blog slacker, no posting for days. I've taken thousands of pictures over the past few weeks (with maybe a few decent ones in there), but there's been too much going on for me to have time to get them on the computer or do any messing around with them. Anyway, I finally got around to doing some of that, so I guess I'll get the posts rollin' again.

To start things off, here's a little fun with lights. Derf Rellim recently bought a nice little light kit, and we thought we'd play around a bit with it last night. I don't need much of an excuse to want to snap a whole bunch of shots, but a new toy is definitely a good reason to whip the camera out. Here are the results...


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Who is this Derf Rellim dude?

  2. He sure is a handsome fella that Derf!


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