Bad Apple

The other day, Mike and I took a little detour at lunch to get some shots of a tree that still had a fair bit of crab apples hanging from it after the winter.  Obviously, after hanging on those limbs for all those months, the remaining fruit was dried up and rotten. 

I guess to most people, this wouldn't be interesting or appealing at all. To us, it was a great opportunity to take out the cameras and see if we could capture something interesting.

I got a variety of wide shots, then took some close ups of the apples to really get the details, but nothing was really looking good to me until I started doing the opposite. Instead of going for the details, I decided to take a bunch of shots that were completely out of focus, and I liked what I saw. The dream-like, blurred images seemed to look a bit more like paintings than photos, and I just like the way it all seems to flow. 

Looking at the crab apples reminded me of when I was younger. There was an apple tree that used to hang out of someone's yard and over into our schoolyard a bit. I remember climbing the fence at recess, reaching up to grab as many apples as I could.  A lot of the kids did it, and some even climbed right over into the yard and up the tree, grabbing as much as they could and running out before getting caught. I never had it in me to do that, I just stayed at the fence. 

The problem with everyone grabbing as many apples as they could was that you couldn't wait very long for the fruit to ripen, or there'd be nothing left. Because of that, the fruit had a very bitter, sour taste. It wasn't good at all, but that didn't stop anyone from choking the nasty little things down. 

I miss that taste.

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