Why Do I Keep Doing This Anyway?

If you've even loosely followed my blog, you know that I eat a whole lot of eggs. Pretty much every day, my breakfast has some sort of eggs in it, and I'm now trying to think of a decent breakfast alternative. Not because I feel like eating something different, but because I want to take pictures of something different. How many egg pics does a guy need on his blog, right?. I need to mix it up!  This leads me to wonder, do I have some sort of problem here?  I change things in my life based on what I want to take pictures of. No other reason, just for the pictures. ya, it is a problem huh.

I guess it might be a little strange for me to keep taking pictures of just about everything, or to take shots of today's breakfast even though I already have hundreds of egg pics. The thing is, I just can't help it. I look at something, and I see it as a photograph. It doesn't matter if it's breakfast, plants, shadows, scenery, the kids, whatever. That's just the way I look at things. Actually, I've always visualized everything as a painting, but the truth is, I would never have time to paint all the things I'd like to, so the next best thing is a photo.  It's a thousand times quicker to create a nice image with a camera than it is with a paintbrush, so it has become my tool of choice. Not only because of time, but because I think I'd look a little silly if I brought a big canvas and painting supplies everywhere I went. 

Anyway, I may very well be wasting my time with all these pictures, but it is nice to look back on past years of our lives and pretty much see what we were up to every single day. OK, so I admit that a lot of the shots I take are unnecessary and just silly, but I like that. Here's yet another egg breakfast!

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