Time to plan a party!

It's time for us to start planning for Lily's second birthday party! I'm not sure what makes me feel older, the fact that our baby (our very last baby) is not a baby anymore, or the fact that our oldest is 9!  It doesn't really sink in that I've been a dad for nearly a decade already.  Why is it that after so many years, I still don't have this gig figured out! I don't know that anyone ever does.

Anyway, right now, what we need to figure out is exactly what we'll make for Lily's cake (I'll post pics of that when it's done, in the meantime you can see other cakes we've done here), and what food we'll have at the party.  To get our butts in gear, and keep the 'party food' dilemma fresh in our minds, I'm posting a few snacks we had at Tristan's last birthday get together. Spinach, artichokes, garlic... all the staples of stinky but delicious treats!


  1. It's like all you do is eat... gorgeous gorgeous food at that.

  2. Hah, I guess it does look like I've got a serious eating problem. What can I say, food is fun to take pictures of. I guess I should stop eating and start working out all the time. Then I could post pictures of my abs everyday! Hah. Just for the record, I will never post a single photo of my stomach on this blog... Ab or flab! You're welcome.


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