The Storm - North Bay Food Photography

About four years ago, we were hit with a pretty sudden, and serious storm. It was summertime, and the weather was quite nice, until the sky quickly turned black and the wind started blowing. It rained quite hard (sideways, thanks to the crazy wind), and trees, patio chairs & just about everything else in town was flying around all over the place. The storm lasted no more than fifteen minutes, and once it was done, the sun came back out, shining on the disaster that the wind had left behind.

I took a spin around town shortly after to get a few pictures of the destruction. My favorite photo was taken right by a home where a huge tree had fallen, and pulled up a good part of the yard along with it, mangled fence and all.

Last night, I happened to meet the owner of the home, and we briefly talked about the storm. It's pretty amazing with the amount of large trees that came down that day, that there wasn't more damage, or more injuries all over town. Overall, we were pretty lucky that day.

Anyway, I just had to dig up the old photo and post it. I tried to capture something ugly and horrible, and somehow make it look kind of nice. I think it worked...

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