Soup's On!

Well, we've had a few soupy days,  and of course if I'm eating it, you're seeing it. So one is an Italian wedding soup, with macaroni instead of the usual little ball noodles (I don't know what those are called), and the other is pretty much a whole garden in a bowl. Have a peak...

I could eat soup anytime, and I can't remember ever having a bowl I didn't like.  One of my favorites is a soup my Memere used to make. There really wasn't much to it, and it could be considered quite boring, but even thinking about the smell and taste of that soup reminds me so much of my childhood. Maybe that's why I like it as much as I do. Here's the recipe for the soup, give it a try if you get bored sometime, it's a pretty easy one to make. You'll be missing the very important ingredient of childhood memories, but you might still enjoy it.

- Boil a big pot of water
- Add 2 onions, 2 sticks of celery, and 1 small soup bone (about the size of a hardball).
- Boil for one hour.
- Remove bone, onions and celery. Squeeze the onions and celery on the side of the pot on the way out to get all the flavor out of them.

- Add approximately:
   3/4 cup of alphabet pasta
   1/2 cup of white rice
   Handful or so of long macaroni noodles

- Boil 'till noodles are ready and rice starts opening/splitting.
- Add a big can of tomato juice.
- Leave it on the heat until it comes to a boil again, and then it's done.

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