Speed Painting - digital style!

Painting is something that can be quite a time consuming process.  Doing sketches, working on the composition of your piece, planning a colour scheme, prepping your materials... That's already a lot of time spent, and you haven't even put paint to canvas yet. Depending on the piece, it can sometimes take days, even weeks to finish. It's nice sometimes to realize that not every painting has to be a masterpiece. It can be pretty fun to face the canvas without a sketch, or any set plan in mind and just throw something together, nice and quick. With software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter, and a wacom pen tablet, you can create any style of illustration, and do away with the messy supplies. The process of creating a digital painting with a pen tablet is just the same as actual painting on canvas, without the mess!

What I'm posting below is my first attempt at speed painting. I gave myself a time limit of 30 minutes to go from a blank document, to a finished portrait of my daughter.  Doing a "quickie" illustration like this doesn't make for the greatest end result, but it's a nice way to do something creative that you don't have to invest a lot of time in. For this particular piece, I chose to use both Painter and Photoshop, and I recorded my screen while I worked. I then took the 30 minute video clip, sped it up and crammed it into 1 minute. It gives a nice little sneak peak of how things went from start to finish. Below is the final illustration, as well as the short "making of" video clip...  Enjoy!

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