Sloooow Painting - North Bay Illustration

After the last 'speed painting' illustration I posted a few days ago, I figured I'd post another one to show what can be achieved with a little more time and effort. OK, a LOT more time and effort. This piece was intended for use in various promotional materials for a cossack riding and acrobatics show. Sort of a Cirque du Soleil with horses type thing. hah. In the end, there was a change of plans and the show was never launched. So, the illustration was essentially useless at that point, but I'm still happy I got to do it. I don't do nearly enough painting, whether it be digital, or traditional, so this was a nice change.

I'm posting a few of the sketches I came up with in the planning stages, as well as the final piece. There was a lot of detail to this one, which you can't really see because the original image was over 40" high, but you'll still get a better look if you click the image to zoom in. It took about 100 hours to create this thing from beginning to end. Ouch!

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