A Reminder of Awesomeness

Time to take a little break from food pictures... not for long I'm sure. It seems to be what I'm in the mood to shoot lately. I should really take some time to cook some nice looking food and get a good setup going with proper lighting, props, etc... Until then, I'll just keep taking pics of my lunch!

Right now though, what I want to write about is more important, my better half Nicole. She's a pretty amazing person who has been to hell and back this past year, and still manages to keep a smile on her face. She also spends her days and nights taking care of our wonderful (but oh so life draining) kids, and still retains some traces of her sanity. Not an easy task! Then she has to put up with me.  -sigh-

As if this wasn't enough, she somehow manages to find time for some creative projects as well. She's half of our cake making team, she makes some pretty kick-ass dolls (I'll post a pic soon, I don't have one yet), and she also creates these cool little felt characters. I'm posting a pic I took with my phone of a few of them.

Anyway, I think like all of us, sometimes she needs a bit of a reminder of just how great she is, and how many awesome things she's capable of. Consider this post a permanent reminder! I'm also posting one of the very rare shots I have of her where she's not giving me the finger or sticking out her tongue!
Love you baby!  : )


  1. She is awesome at everything :)
    You two are perfect for each other <3

  2. Anonymous1:13 AM

    good for you for taking the time to recognize the trials of your woman. this mention is so valuable and you are a better hubby for it. skv


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