Not So Good For Your Appetite

No good food to post today. lunch consisted mostly of old, dry KD, so I had no interest in pulling out the camera. I did receive a few interesting suggestions for pictures though.  The idea is was to photograph something dead, or rotten, and somehow make it look nice. I think this could make for some pretty interesting shots, and I'll need a bit of planning for the visuals that first came to mind when I read the suggestions.  I'm not too sure if I'm ready to have things rotting in my house for weeks before they're at the point I want them to be for the photos. I might have to wait until summer for this project, so I can let things rot outside. hah.

In the meantime, I do already have some shots of rotten things, which I took for no good reason really.  One is a fish I happened to see on the beach one day, and the other is a dead, dried up cactus we had in the house a while back. The cactus looked like some strange sea creature to me, so I tried to take the shot in a way that would make it look like it was on the move.  These shots are not necessarily appealing, or nice to look at in any way, but they're somewhat related to the requested theme, so they'll remind me to follow through with what I have in mind for taking something disgusting and making it look appealing. Here they are...

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  1. Anonymous9:14 PM

    The fish looks great! In a weird way, almost peaceful.



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