Up, up, and away!

I've received a few emails today from one of my clients who is in the aviation industry. It got me thinking about how many websites I've created over the last 4-5 years that are directly related to aviation. At some point, it seemed to have become a niche for me, and I'm not sure how it all happened.

I actually had no interest at all in flying (I'm scared of heights), even after doing a lot of this aviation work. One day though, I had to go for a ride in a little cessna to take aerial shots for one of my clients' websites... Being up there, I fell in love with with the sky and as soon as we landed, I wanted to go back up.

I immediately started thinking of ways I could keep my business going, while training to become a pilot. Hah. I sent Nicole a text that afternoon saying something like "holy crap I was just in a plane". Her response... "holy crap I'm pregnant!". priorities shifted, and I haven't had any interest in going in a plane ever since. Thanks lily, you probably saved my life! Here's a glance at my collection of flight websites;

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