Breakfast Time!

I've posted plenty of food shots, which included a variety of lunch and dinner dishes, appetizers, salads, etc... What has been missing is a little bit of breakfast. I've struggled a bit with breakfast shots, for two reasons:

1) I hate eating cold eggs. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I do eat this food after I take some shots of it. So, this makes me rush things a bit to get a few decent pictures and pack up the camera while the egg still has some heat left in it. Not easy.

2) Lighting. During the week, it's still dark outside when I have breakfast, and since I only use available light for these food shots, it's tough to get anything decent until the sun comes up. Turning on the kitchen or dining room lights just ruins everything, and flash doesn't do any good either. I'm not about to take out any lighting gear first thing in the morning.

Anyway, I think I managed to get a few decent pictures. I was debating which one to put up, but then I realized this isn't for some competition where you can only submit one photo. It's just for my blog, where I can post as many of these silly things as I want. So here they are.

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