FLXyoga - London

Once again months have passed since my last post. Time to get back to it!! If you've followed what I've been up to on facebookvimeo, or instagram, you know I've had a lot of great projects on the go this past year. I'll hopefully have time to write about all that at some point. For now, here's a little something about a recent shoot in London, ON.

I was asked to head down to shoot a 60 minute instructional video for FLXyoga. They had an amazing looking location selected, it was full of character and I was so excited to get over there and get started.  When I finally arrived in London and we got to our set (an old abandoned library), it quickly became obvious that there were way too many obstacles to deal with. For many reasons, the space wouldn't work and instead of setting up and shooting, we'd have to move on to plan B.

Plan B was spending the rest of the day with a very interesting property manager, going from one ugly empty space to another until we got to the very last option of the day.  It was perfect!  - sigh of relief -

Well, it was almost perfect. There was a maze of hallways, staircases and locked doors to drag all the gear through to get to it, several extension cords were needed to bring power from a lower floor of the building so I could light the area. Large windows needed to be covered to avoid inconsistencies from sunlight shining in at different times throughout the day, and to top things off, the large space was not heated. So, our three fantastic models had to spend several hours freezing (warming up with space heaters between takes), which you'll notice when you see the goosebumps on a close-up of one of the models' shoulders.

We started setting up early in the morning, and a long 17 hours later, that was a wrap!  Everyone was exhausted, but it was well worth it. I'm so happy the models stuck with it and stayed positive in spite of the cold, and I'm extremely grateful to Eric Rockburn of Red Button Photography for giving up his time and helping out with all the oh-so-glamourous behind the scenes stuff. There was no shortage of setbacks that were out of our control on this project, but everyone was great and just rolled with it. It didn't cross anyone's mind to give up, and I think it shows.

As I worked on editing the hour long piece, I decided to put together a short teaser video with some of the highlights.  Below are a few screen captures, as well as the teaser.  Check it out!


Eric and Crystal - Red Button Photography!

This post has been a long time in the making, and I'm really excited about it!

I grew up in the tiny little town of Thorne, Ontario... it's a place I can't imagine living in now because it's so small, but at the same time, I can't think of a better place to be as a kid. Because the town was so small and everyone knew each other, the kids there really got the chance to explore and do their own thing (I actually spent a lot of time wandering in the surrounding forest), and get to know each other in a way they wouldn't in a bigger city.

Eric Rockburn is someone I knew, pretty much from the time I was born. We grew up together, and went to the same tiny school for years. When high school in North Bay came around for me, Eric had been there for a year already, and being in different circles, I didn't see him a whole lot throughout my time there. Then I went to college for Graphic Design, and Eric happened to be there also. Again, a year ahead of me, and again, our lives were quite different and we didn't see a whole lot of each other.

It wasn't until much later, through the magic of the internet, that I started following Eric's awesome work as a photographer, and got to reconnect with him for the first time in ages (thanks facebook, hah). After years of checking out each other's work, the opportunity came to go to London, and shoot some video for Eric, his family and his company, Red Button Photography. I jumped at the chance, and got to spend a few days with Eric, Crystal and their kids.

Eric's work is fantastic, and I knew that going in, but what I didn't expect as I was on my way to London, was that I would be so comfortable with all of them. I had a great time, and got to collect a whole bunch of nice shots in the process. A few months later, I was finally able to finish taking all that footage, and put together a piece I'm so happy with.  I think I  pieced something together that really paints a clear picture of Eric, Crystal, their family, and of course Red Button Photography. 

Please take a little break from your day, and have a look at the video I created with them.  Below, you'll find a photo, as well as the finished video (which I'm so proud of)... Sit back, maybe even put the video in full-screen mode, and ENJOY!!!


Music Video - The METTAphors "My OwnFist"

This month has been a pretty busy one and a few weeks ago, in the middle of it all, I had the chance to film a local group (the METTAphors) as they did their thing.  With limited time and resources, we had to keep things nice and simple. So, with that in mind, I put together a rough little storyboard, we got a great location thanks to Bex McG, and off we went!  

If you haven't seen the METTAphors play live yet, add it on your to-do list... until then, check out a few still shots, the storyboard, and the final video down below!


Shooting North Bay

Over the past several months, I've had the opportunity to shoot a wide variety of events, locations and activities for the City of North Bay. I've been able to document the happenings, not only with stills, but also with a series of video clips which will soon be making their way into one complete piece, showcasing what the city has to offer, the scope of events it can accommodate, and the great facilities that can be found here.

I've had a great time working on this so far, and have been pretty impressed to see things like the sea of people at the Downtown Xmas Walk, and the overwhelming support from the community at events like the Military Appreciation celebration, and Relay for Life.

After spending some time scanning through all the video I've captured for this to date, I'm excited and looking forward to a few more rounds of filming, and to editing the final piece. Here's an image that's just a tiny sneak peek at some of what I've filmed so far (click the image to enlarge)...


Portraits - North Bay Photography

I do a lot of shooting at all kinds of events, and in various industrial settings, which I love, but because of the type of shots I'm hired to take, it's not very often that I get a photo that I'd call a nice portrait. A good portrait isn't a like a smiley corporate headshot, but more of a personal look at someone. A photo that gives a little insight on a person, and ideally makes you feel the mood and emotion on their face.

In the new year, I'm definitely looking forward to more of the type of work I've been doing in the past, and continuing to get better at it... but I also want to finally take time on a regular basis to get interesting people in front of the camera for some nice portraits. I'll post updates when I make any progress on that.

Until then, here are a few shots I've taken in the last little while that I'm pretty happy with (click on the images for a better look)...